Al Arab Chemicals & Modern Technologies seeks to be the first supplier of high quality products from cleaning equipment and supplies, forklifts, handling equipment, garage and cleaning equipment. It is also concerned with the requirements of the market and materials, which in turn made it a leading position in the Jordanian market for nearly 30 years of its establishment by Mr. Ayman Ramadan. The company is proud to be the best partner in the field of cleaning materials, cleaning equipment and industrial number.

Today, Al-Arab Chemicals and Modern Technologies employs more than 20 people in its various branches to provide the best selling services to its customers.

Our culture:

We are a leading sales company based on the needs of its customers to provide reliable products of high quality, services, and spare parts. Our sales strategy and marketing focus is the key to our success. We work to sell directly to the end customer as well as using distributors or sub-dealers to ensure the highest levels of customer service and continuous contact with the work sites.

Products we supply:

We provide the market with European international brands to ensure high quality:

1. Cleaning and cleaning equipment (commercial complexes, companies, houses, malls)
2. Forklifts & Handling Equipment, Forklift cranes, forklift trucks, forklift trucks, floor lifts, mobile cranes
3. Air compressors from 1.5 KW to 75 KW (Piston and Screw)
4. Battery testing and servicing equipment
5. Garage equipment, Jakat
6. Oil and lubricant equipment and accessories
7. High pressure water pump and electric cleaning machine
8. Handling equipment and specialized professional equipment

Maintenance Department:

As part of the after-sale services, AL-ARAB Chemicals and Modern Technologies provides full warranty for repair parts and spare parts for the products it sells. It has a maintenance department that provides all the necessary tests and calibration equipment necessary to provide reliable and standard maintenance and after-sales services under the supervision of a team of experienced engineers.